Frisco, TX

Mon - Wed : 7am - 10pm | Thu - Sat : 7am - 11pm | Sun : 10am - 10pm
Mon - Wed : 7am - 10pm
Thu - Sat : 7am - 11pm
Sun : 10am - 10pm
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What is Hold My Chai?

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Simply tap the image in Safari on iPhone or iPad to visit the website, then tap the AR icon my ar icon to experience the object in AR.*


While we pride ourselves on making quality drinks quickly, we put even more value in creating and cultivating genuine relationships with our customers. That is what sets us apart and creates not only a unique customer experience – but also a community atmosphere that is inherently fun. While ensuring every taste reminds you of home :)


Feel the vibe of our customers

Tanaka Tava
Co-Founder Videloo

"Bridging culture and a taste of home. Bringing Chai to its original roots for the DFW metroplex! HMC is next! Shout out to Fahim."

Sanjida Rahman
Co-Founder OneQalb Clothing

"HMC is such an authentic and genuine representation. It empowers South Asians through one of the most personal things in our households, chai. It’s definitely the place to be!"

Hamza Abdallah
Founder CataLeads System

"HMC is reviving our culture sharing vibrance with Dallas! This is about to be the hottest spot for the years to come!"

Anish Siddabhattuni
Founder Silver Snake Studio

"This s*** is bussin bussin, I don’t care what you say."

Fatin Chad

"I’m in love with their yellow. Actually their entire branding, it makes me feel warm and happy."

Zakaria Aboutaj

"HMC will be the #1 cultural hub in Frisco, believe it."

Himadri Nath

"Chai and a place to chill with your homies? Sounds like the perfect hang out spot for me! Super excited for the launch of HMC. You best believe I’ll be there drinking chai all the time."

Mahiat Omar

"I can’t wait till HMC opens! I’m so excited to go there with my fellow desis and enjoy authentic south Asian tea."

Meghana Guntaka

"I definitely see HMC becoming apart of our culture. At the end of the day traditions become culture, never lose your roots."

Farabi Ahamed

"Why go for the same old drink at the same old place when you can get something new and exciting from Hold My Chai."

Nabonita Ifrit

"HMC is going to be the next big thing as it empowers the South Asian diaspora and brings together various communities. Can’t wait to see HMC prosper."

Jeremiah Chacko

"HMC is going to have my cash, because I will definitely be going there for the experience and the atmosphere!"

Jibran Panjwani

"Really looking forward to having a chill chai and coffee spot nearby! Cannot wait to visit often!"

Faraz Ahamed

"Dallas is severely missing a chill chai spot. HMC is definitely the next big thing."

Abhijith Karadiyil

"More than the unique flavors and charm, I’m in love with this community to come . This is going to be THE spot for so many to come!"

Albin Shibu

"Out of everything that happened this year, Hold My Chai is one of the few things I’m really excited about, I’m looking forward to spending my evenings hanging out with friends and sharing a cup of chai."

Lamiha Hossain

"I’m so excited for HMC! I can’t wait for a new hotspot where memories will be made!"

Nibras Alghafri

"So so excited for this launch! As it’s yet another small local business that’s opening up and being the best spot to chill in Frisco. Can’t wait!"